How to Use A Nail Dotting Tool

How to Use A Nail Dotting ToolHow to Use A Nail Dotting Tool

It is very advance and fashionable time and only simple manicure is not enough for the beauty of your hands. Now there are different types of nail arts are introduced b applying them on your nails you can make your nails and hands more beautiful and stylish. To make different type of patrons you can use different type of tools, and the dotting tools are one of them. These are long ending with small round ball at the tip and used to make dots in nail art designs.

First off all you have to do fresh manicure for the best result of beautiful nail art. Then apply your required nail polish as background of the nail art with best combination.
Then choose the combination color of nail polish to make dots on your nails for beautiful nail art. You should avoid dipping the dotting tool inside the bottle, like this it can carry access quantity with it and difficult to handle you should take some quantity of nail polish in the non porous surface and use it as desired.

According to the demand of design you can use different sizes of dotting tools to make your desiring design on your nails. After using the dotting tools clean them with tissue or with nail polish remover and save them to use again. By using some senses and also with practice you can many type of designs on your nails and can get special style of nail art and also there is no chance to match with the designs of yours ay friend and this is the most interesting thing of personally made nail art.



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